Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pizza Bites / Weber Performer Gen1

I saw this appetizer or snack recipe on the web a few days ago and it just looked great to me so I gave it a try in my Weber Performer.

 photo DSC03684.jpg

There really wasn’t many measurements of the ingredients so I kinda winged it for this first attempt of this treat. 

A bunch of pepperoni cut into small pieces (quartered)
A handful of fresh basil cut into small pieces.
About 1-1/8 cup of mozzarella cheese
About 7-8 oz of pizza sauce
Can of biscuits with each cut into quarters
More mozzarella to sprinkle on the top of the bites. 

 photo DSC03685.jpg

The ingredients prepped for the bites. 

 photo DSC03686.jpg

Mix the first five ingredients together in a bowl. 

 photo DSC03687.jpg

Pammed up a muffin pan and divided the ingredients into the pan. 

 photo DSC03688.jpg

Added some more cheese to the top of the treats. 

 photo DSC03690.jpg

Filled the two Weber charcoal pans full of lump and brought the kettle up to about 350 degrees for my pizza bites. 

 photo DSC03691.jpg

 photo DSC03692.jpg

I baked the pizza bites at about 350 degrees for about 15-17 minutes. 

 photo DSC03693.jpg

 photo DSC03694.jpg

 photo DSC03695.jpg

Wow!!! These things are great. Prepped them in about 10 minutes and then baked for about 15 minute and they are ready to eat. Very nice 25 minute appetizer. 

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