Sunday, September 17, 2017

12 Pound Ham & Ez-Mac on the Cobb Grill

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This is my most recent cook on my Cobb grill and it consisted of a large 12 pound ham and then this was followed up with a mac and cheese cook. You just gotta have mac and cheese with ham!

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This is the largest piece of meat I have ever tried to cook in the Cobb grill. It came in at  just under 12 pounds and was on sale at my local store. 

 photo IMG_0832.jpg

Now, that's a chunk of meat!! I used my plus 24 grill plate under the meat which will allow more convection air & heat to flow up and around the ham. I also had to use two dome extensions to have enough height to do the cook.

 photo IMG_0834.jpg

Now, to top this cook off...I did it in the rain and this is a picture shot thru my kitchen window.

I started with 21 all hardwood briquets in my small Weber charcoal chimney and then added a couple of hickory chunks to the top of my fire. I also had to add charcoal two more times during this part of the cook. 

 photo IMG_0838.jpg

The ham is done on the cooker. It took about 4-1/2 hours to complete this part of the cook. 

 photo IMG_0845.jpg

The Ez-Mac is an all in one dish and doesn't require cooking the pasta in advance. Just throw it all in the pan and cook away...

 photo IMG_0848.jpg

These are the results of my cooks. 

 photo IMG_0853.jpg

I melted some cheese on my bun half, added the ham, a slice of lettuce, a nice big slice of garden tomato, and then topped it with some horsey sauce. Served with my Cajun Beans and some of my Ez-Mac (Mac & Cheese).

 photo IMG_0855.jpg

Sure made a great lunch.

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