Sunday, September 17, 2017

Egg McMuffins, Sausage & Peppers, Cobb Grill

I did this interesting cook a few days ago on my Cobb Grill using the Cobb Wok or Frying Dish as it is sometimes called and an off the shelf skillet lid for the Frying Dish. I also used the larger charcoal basket that comes with the Cobb BBQ Kit. 

I started 18 all hardwood briquets in the small Weber charcoal chimney for this cook and poured them into my Cobb and let my frying dish warm up for a few minutes before I started the cook. 

 photo IMG_0744.jpg

I started by toasting both sides of my English Muffins. 

 photo IMG_0745.jpg

I did the same with both sides of my sausage dog buns. 

 photo IMG_0748.jpg

I started my hash browns in a couple of steel egg rings and then added the meat for this part of the cook which included a sausage patty and a few strips of bacon. 

 photo IMG_0750.jpg

I did my two eggs in the egg rings and this (breakfast) part of the cook was done.

 photo IMG_0751.jpg

Next up was my lunch part of the cook and I started by adding a couple links of the jalapeno sausage links to my skillet. I then poured in my onions and peppers. A little later, I added a couple of hot peppers from the garden to the skillet. 

 photo IMG_0752.jpg

My lunch about done and ready to come off of the grill. 

 photo IMG_0754.jpg

The results of my breakfast plate shows the toasted buns and the hash browns. Lower plate shows the eggs, bacon strips, and sausage patty.

 photo IMG_0756.jpg

The results of my lunch cook. 

 photo IMG_0759.jpg

 photo IMG_0761.jpg

 photo IMG_0762.jpg

This was my breakfast and I added a little hot salsa to my Sausage & Egg McMuffin. 

 photo IMG_0763.jpg

 photo IMG_0764.jpg

This was the wife’s breakfast as she prefers bacon over sausage for her McMuffin. 

 photo IMG_0765.jpg

And for lunch, I added a little mustard and enjoyed my hot Jalapeno Sausage sandwich with fried onions and peppers. 

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