Sunday, September 17, 2017

More Pizza on the Cobb Grill

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Baking on the Cobb Grill has been somewhat of a challenge to be able to get the top of anything cooked or baked before the bottom burns or overcooks to where it is not fit to eat. Just about got the problems solved and this is some pizza I have done a couple of days ago that came out quite well. 

This is one of the four I cooked in a row on the Cobb Grill and some of the comments I made after the cook. 

Added a few slices of jalapeƱo peppers and sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and my meal was ready.

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I started by making up about two pounds of pizza dough for my four pizza's. The ingredients for the pizza's are as follows and I really loaded them up!

My homemade very spicy Italian sausage
Bell Peppers
Smoked Red Peppers
Mozzarella cheese
Pizza Sauce

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Ready to go on the Cobb.

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A couple more ready to be baked.

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I used the larger charcoal basket that comes with the Cobb BBQ Kit. I loaded 22 all hardwood briquets into my Weber charcoal chimney and as soon as they were ready, I poured them into the Cobb grill.

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I used the dome extension and the cooking grate that comes with the Cobb BBQ Kit and then also the roast rack and a 8-1/2" in diameter hearth stone for this bake. This IS the hot ticket for baking bread and pizza on the Cobb Grill.

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I measured the hearth stone at the beginning of the cook with an IR thermometer and found it at about 410F degrees. I also measured the temperature at the top of the dome lid and it was running about 335-365F during the bake. While these numbers are not perfect, they are close enough to allow a fellow to make and bake a few nice pizza’s or a few loaves of hearth bread. 

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One of the four pizza's about ready to come off of the cooker.

 photo IMG_0809.jpg

All four of the pizza’s done on this bake.

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Ready to be cut and served.

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About as good of a pizza you can make on any outside grill.

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