Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cobb Supreme / Pork Steaks

Here is another cook on my new Cobb Supreme that I did in the last couple of weeks. This cooker is still a learning process for me but I have about figured it out for most cooking. 

 photo IMG_0946.jpg

I need to explain this first picture as someone may get the wrong idea of how pork steaks should be cooked. I love this treat but it must be cooked in the traditional manner  which would mean that they need to be oiled, rubbed with a spicy rub, and grilled first and then placed into a half pan with a bottle of Maull’s BBQ sauce which has been cut with beer and then simmered for about an hour to finish them up. Now, that’s the way you cook pork steaks!

Wife doesn’t like them this way so every now and then, I have to fix some for her. 

Anyway, I added a couple slices of tomatoes, a slice of corn bread, and a little dab of sour cream to the potatoes and gave her a fine meal. 

 photo IMG_0947.jpg

I prepped the meat with olive oil and then added some SPG for this cook. The potatoes were also rubbed with olive oil and salt and pepper.

 photo IMG_0937.jpg

I used 14 all hardwood briquets for this cook.

 photo IMG_0941.jpg

I used the Cobb Supreme griddle for this cook and it did a fine job.

 photo IMG_0945.jpg

The results of the cook.

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