Thursday, October 12, 2017

Smoking Cheese in the Hasty-Bake Gourmet

I have been waiting patiently for some cooler weather as we are completely out of smoked cheese. I need a day or morning at about 50 degrees or under. 

 photo IMG_0957.jpg

This smoke was about 10 pounds of cheese including the following:

2 pound pepper jack
2 pound sharp cheddar
2.28 pound 4 year aged cheddar
1.14 pound Swiss
8oz monterey jack
8 oz mild cheddar
8 oz sharp cheddar
1.67 pound three alarm colby jack

 photo IMG_0958.jpg

I started the smoke early in the morning as I wanted the coolest temperatures of the day.

 photo IMG_0959.jpg

I used a half hotel pan full of ice to help hold down the temperature inside the cooker.

 photo IMG_0960.jpg

I used 5 all hardwood briquets for my fire and a couple of chunks of hickory for my smoke wood for this cook.

 photo IMG_0962.jpg

Was a nice morning with a cooler temperature of about 50 degrees. The cheese took 90 minutes to get done. I was able to keep the temperature inside the cooker at under 70 degrees which is great for smoking cheese.

 photo IMG_0967.jpg

The results of my smoke ready for the vacuum pack machine.

 photo IMG_0968.jpg

Bagged and ready for the fridge.

 photo IMG_0971.jpg

This should hold us for a few months.

 photo IMG_0973.jpg

Gotta love smoked cheese off of a Hasty Bake. And for any folks that have not tried real smoked cheese, you are missing out on a great treat. Most all smoked cheese available in outlets hasn’t been even close to a smoker... it is done with chemicals. 

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