Friday, May 10, 2013

Baking on the Cobb Grill

The Cobb Grill is supposed to bake at temps up to 500 degrees if you believe all the hype on the web. For what its worth, I have never seen the grill even near these temps on any of my cooks using both lump and hardwood charcoal. The very top temperature I have seen is about 365 degrees measured at the baking surface inside the grill. This is about the low for most bread baking so I decided to give it a try.

 photo DSC01648.jpg

I loaded the grill with as much lump as it would hold and when it got to about 340 degrees, I placed a pan of my favorite Amish bread on the cooker.

 photo DSC01650.jpg

The cooker did reach 360 degrees and the bread did take longer than normal but it did bake it up ok.

 photo DSC01651.jpg

I then tried a small boule of sourdough bread on a makeshift tin foil hearth and just like my pan bread, it took longer but did come out well.

 photo DSC01652.jpg

This was enough to encourage me to try some pizza so I ordered a couple of 8-1/2" hearth stones for the cooker. That is the largest stone that I figured would work in the cooker.

 photo DSC01688.jpg

For this pizza try, I maxed out the charcoal basket with a full load of Ozark Oak lump charcoal.

 photo DSC01686.jpg

I fired up the charcoal and set up my new hearth stone and let the cooker pre-heat until it got to about 360 degrees as it seemed to be all I was going to get on this bake.

 photo DSC01689.jpg

I took the frozen pizza right out of the freezer, unwrapped it and placed it on my peel and then loaded it into the cooker.

 photo DSC01690.jpg

I figured this was probably wishful thinking but believe it or not, after about double the normal time for this pizza in my other grills, this baby did get done and from a fully frozen state.

 photo DSC01691.jpg

Just before it came off the Cobb grill.

 photo DSC01692.jpg

 photo DSC01693.jpg

Man, this pizza is "Money".

And yes, it will bake some fine products but they will take a little additional time. Whatcha expect from an 8 pound cooker?


  1. Very impressive, thank you for sharing

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  4. Did a focaccia on the Cobb last night. It came out really well. 68% hydration dough with some olive oil in it. After initial rising, coated Cobb frying pan(the non stick one with hole on edges) with olive oil and coated dough in oil. Placed on frying pan to rise for 1 hour. The dough was about 500 grams total. Fresh coals, I placed pan with dough on cobb with lid and cook 10 minutes, flipped bread and cooked 6 more minutes. Really good, made sandwiches with leftovers today. Also cooked a few pizza with fresh dough on frying pan. Small, but good.

  5. Mark,
    Nice job with the focaccia bread...I need to try it on the grill.
    I did another ham on the rotisserie last weekend with good results.

  6. I just got a brand new Cobb grill at an estate sale. I'm excited to try it out. Where did you get your hearthstone?

  7. Good Morning Stacy and congrats on your new grill. I got my 8-1/2" hearth stones from Amazon and they are the largest stone that will work on the Cobb Grill. You can find them here: