Friday, May 3, 2013

Real Country Ribs and Smoked Potato Salad

This cook is about some REAL country ribs which are cut out of the loin of the hog and are so much better than what most folks can find in their local stores and labeled either country ribs or Western ribs. Those ribs are cut out of a standard pork shoulder or pork butt and in my opinion, not as good as the real thing. 

 photo DSC01695.jpg

 photo DSC01694.jpg

This is 10 pounds of this wonderful real country rib treat.

Now, I will post a picture of the country ribs that are cut out of pork shoulder or pork butt.

 photo 29MVC-014E.jpg

I think you can see the difference.

The second thing I will cook is my Hot Smoked Potato Salad and I will also make a standard dressing for this as well as my bride doesn’t like the hot German salad type of dressing. Kinda a duel purpose treat with both dressings!

 photo DSC01697.jpg

I got about 5 pounds of the country ribs ready and then gave them a coat of my favorite rub.

I also cut up my potatoes and rolled them in some bacon grease and the added some salt and pepper. 

 photo DSC01698.jpg

 photo DSC01699.jpg

I also fired up the tube for some additional smoke and then loaded the ribs and potatoes on the smoker and got it underway at my smoke temp for the first hour. 

 photo DSC01700.jpg

A beautiful morning in Indiana and the Green Mountain smoker doing its thing. 

 photo DSC01701.jpg

While the potatoes were getting done, I made up my Hot German and my standard dressings for the potato salad base. 

 photo DSC01704.jpg

 photo DSC01705.jpg

I followed the potatoes with my bell peppers, than my celery, and then my red onions. Everything that goes into the salad except the dressing was smoked on the cooker. 

 photo DSC01707.jpg

The potatoes just off the cooker. I cut each piece into 3-4 pieces for the salad. 

 photo DSC01710.jpg

This is the celery and the bell peppers just off the cooker. I forget to get a picture of my red onions. 

 photo DSC01714.jpg

I placed all the ingredients including about a half pound of cooked bacon in a wire basket. This is my base for the salad and I put it back on the cooker to keep it hot. 

 photo DSC01711.jpg

Bout this time, the ribs are getting done and I added a little sauce to them. 

 photo DSC01712.jpg

 photo DSC01716.jpg

I decided to add about 8 burgers to this cook since I had a fire going. 

 photo DSC01717.jpg

Burgers looked good. 

 photo DSC01718.jpg

 photo DSC01719.jpg

I added some of my hot potato salad base to the plate and then poured some of my German dressing over the top. Next was a nice real country rib and a slice of cornbread and by golly, I had a meal. 

 photo DSC01720.jpg

 photo DSC01721.jpg

For the brides meal, I cooled off some of the potato base and then folded in my standard dressing and put it into the fridge for about 15 minutes and then served it up.

Both dressings were very good and I am not sure which one I liked the best.

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