Friday, May 10, 2013

Meatloaf and Cheesy Potatoes on the Cobb Grill

I loaded the small charcoal basket on my Cobb grill full with some Ozark Oak lump charcoal and lit the fire.

 photo DSC01736.jpg

As soon as it was about ready, I placed my three tin foil packets of potatoes around the outside of the fire and then placed my cooking grid on top. To prep the potatoes, I rolled them around in olive oil, sprinkled on some garlic salt and then cracked some fresh black pepper over them. 

 photo DSC01737.jpg

I placed the meatloaf on the little cooker and turned it loose for about 95 minutes. The meatloaf was made with about 3/4 pound of burger, about 1/2 pound of sausage, some onion and bell pepper, an egg, and some crackers and spice.

 photo DSC01598.jpg

The Cobb grill doing its thing. 

 photo DSC01738.jpg

At the 95 minute mark, I pulled the meatloaf and the packets of potatoes. Unwrapped my quartered potatoes pieces and cut each quarter into about 3 pieces and placed them into a bowl. 

 photo DSC01739.jpg

I put some small blocks of Velveeta cheese along with some pats of butter over the top of the potatoes and then back on the cooker for a few minutes. 

 photo DSC01741.jpg

My cheesy potatoes ready for the plate.

 photo DSC01740.jpg

Sliced up some of the meatloaf for our meal. 

 photo DSC01742.jpg

All plated up.

Another test of this little 8 pound RV and tailgating grill before it goes into my camper. 

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