Friday, May 10, 2013

Making Homemade Frozen Pizza

This article will explain how I make up pizza and then freeze it for later use. We like to take the frozen pizzas with us in the RV on our outings and bake it on an outside cooker and this method does work well for us. Of course, it will work just as well in the home oven.

The size I will be making is what I would call a “personal size” pizza and I usually make these about 8 to 9 inches in diameter. Me and Jan will usually split one as they are loaded up and a half pizza will make a good meal.

 photo DSC01666.jpg

One of the best methods for making the dough is in a 2 pound bread machine with a dough only cycle. Most of them are good for about 3-1/2 cups of flour and this amount will make a couple of 12-14 inch pizzas or four 8-9 inch pizzas. The secret in these machines is it uses a very small amount of heat thru out the total process and this makes for a better product than most other dough methods.

I use a standard pizza recipe although I usually add a few herbs to the dough as I feel it improves the final product.

 photo DSC01667.jpg

My inexpensive bread maker will make the dough and have it ready to go in about 90 minutes.

While the machine is making the dough, I get some of the rest of the items ready.

 photo DSC01668.jpg

This is 1.31 pounds of my homemade super spicy Italian sausage which is one of the meats I will use in the 4 pizzas.

 photo DSC01669.jpg

I brown the meat in a black iron skillet. 

 photo DSC01670.jpg

I blanch all my fresh vegetables for about 2 minutes and plunge them into cold water. Any other vegetable that comes out of a can like maybe black olives or mushrooms can be used straight up. 

 photo DSC01671.jpg

 photo DSC01672.jpg

My onions and bell peppers in the boiling blanch water.

 photo DSC01673.jpg

My dough is ready and I cut it into 4 equal pieces.

 photo DSC01674.jpg

Next step is to form it into my 4 pizza crusts. I then put them into the oven for a 6 minutes pre-bake at 375 degrees. One of the problems with the frozen pizzas is getting the dough done before cremating the stuff on top baking from a frozen state. The pre-baking really helps as the dough is already close to half done.

 photo DSC01675.jpg

The crusts just out of the oven.

 photo DSC01676.jpg

I brush all the outside edges with olive oil which will help with the color and browning.

 photo DSC01677.jpg

I start out with a layer of sliced mozzarella cheese. Again, one of the problems with the frozen pizzas is getting the crust done right before cremating the top from a frozen state and this layer of sliced mozzarella will prevent most of the liquid from the items on the pizza from going into the crust and making it soggy which would increase the baking time. 

 photo DSC01678.jpg

The pizza sauce.

 photo DSC01679.jpg

My homemade Italian sausage going onto the pizza.

 photo DSC01680.jpg

Next up is some onions and bell peppers.

 photo DSC01681.jpg

I finish up with some shredded mozzarella and I add some smoked peppers and some pepperoni slices. 

 photo DSC01682.jpg

The finished pizza ready for the freezer.

 photo DSC01683.jpg

I freeze the pizza on the sheets for about 6 hours. 

 photo DSC01684.jpg

They come out of the freezer and I wrap them in a couple layers of plastic wrap.

 photo DSC01685.jpg

They are then wrapped again in tin foil and they go back into the freezer for future use.

I know it’s a little more trouble but these pizzas are so much better than any frozen pizza on the market. Also nice to make them with just my preferred toppings. 

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