Friday, May 10, 2013

Spare Ribs on the Cobb Grill

 The spare ribs were another Kroger bargain that is hard for me to pass up even though they are injected with 13% salt water. The cost is $1.47 a pound and I do purchase them once in a while when they are on sale. 

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 photo DSC01640.jpg

I cut the ribs into St. Louis style and removed the membrane. I had hoped to be able to roll them but they were about 3/4” too tall for that method of cooking in this little cooker. Anyway, I ended up by cutting them into thirds and setting them up like you see on the standard cooking grid with the roasting rack. They were still to big to just lay down on the cooking grid so I made up a tin foil ball and placed it on the middle of the cooking grid and then leaned the 3 pieces up against the foil ball.

 photo DSC01641.jpg

I figured this cook for about 4 hours so I started with 12 charcoal brickettes. I would add 4 more after the second hour and 5 more after the third hour. Was a cooler morning at about 39 degrees and I got the grill going about dawn. I used a foil pack of wild cherry chips for my extra smoke.

 photo DSC01642.jpg

I cooked the ribs until the color looked right which was a little over 2 hours and then I wrapped them in foil. I used some apple juice, agave syrup, brown sugar, and honey inside the foil. 

 photo DSC01643.jpg

They went back into the cooker for about 2 more hours in the foil and I pulled them to prep for my glaze. 

 photo DSC01645.jpg

 photo DSC01644.jpg

I set the ribs up again with my tin foil ball and glazed them with Blues Hog mixed with some clover honey. This took an additional 30 minutes and then they were ready to eat.

 photo DSC01647.jpg

Nice ribs.

I think I have just about got this little grill figured out...still need to try some bread or pizza baking and that is next. 

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  1. Thanks for the pointers on using the Cobb for long smoking. Did you need to refresh the cherry chips as well as the briquettes?