Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Barbecued Ham & Spiral Cut Pineapple on the Rotisserie

The Barbecued Ham recipe included a great sounding “Sticky Orange Glaze” made with fresh orange juice along with chile sauce and some other ingredients that just looked wonderful to me. 

The Roasted Spiral Cut Pineapple as well had a great looking recipe sauce including cocoa powder, cane sugar, and gobs of butter. 

I did this cook on my Green Mountain Daniel Boone pellet grill with a rotisserie setup  yesterday and it came out quite well.

 photo DSC02975.jpg

 photo DSC02976.jpg

The ham was prepped with a good rub and then mounted into my rotisserie basket. I then cleaned and cut the spiral into my whole pineapple and mounted it along side my ham and it was ready for the grill. 

 photo DSC02978.jpg

 photo DSC02977.jpg

Loaded my basket into the grill and got it spinning away at about 165 degrees for the first hour to insure I ended up with some good hickory smoke flavor in my final product. 

 photo DSC02979.jpg

After about an hour, I raised the temperature to about 275 and also loaded my candied yams in a bread pan along side my rotisserie basket. 

 photo DSC02982.jpg

Later into the cook, both the ham and the pineapple were basted with my two sauces before they came off the cooker. 

 photo DSC02984.jpg

 photo DSC02985.jpg

 photo DSC02989.jpg

My three treats came off the cooker looking very good.

 photo DSC02986.jpg

Wife made up a pan of skillet cornbread and also heated up some fresh kale greens from the garden. 

 photo DSC02990.jpg

 photo DSC02991.jpg

 photo DSC02992.jpg

It sure made a nice evening meal. 

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