Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sticky Orange Glazed Ham & More

Kroger keeps putting ham on sale for under a dollar a pound and we do love ham so here is another cook with this treat. 

I did the last ham cook on my Green Mountain Daniel Boone in the rotisserie and this one will be in the Green Mountain Davy Crockett tailgater grill.

 photo DSC03076.jpg

The ham weighed 9.88 pounds and my sides are candied yams, pit beans, and some rolls that we will use for buns for the ham.

 photo DSC03077.jpg

I started the cook with the ham and the dish of yams.

 photo DSC03078.jpg

Ran the cooker at about 165 degrees for the first hour to generate a little more smoke and them moved it up to about 300 degrees.

 photo DSC03079.jpg

Pulled the candied yams off when they were done and foiled them to keep them warm. 

 photo DSC03081.jpg

My pit beans went on next.

 photo DSC03082.jpg

Pulled the beans next and as above, foiled them to hold for the balance of the cook. 

 photo DSC03083.jpg

Pulled the ham when the internal got to about 135 degrees.

Raised the temperature on the cooker to about 360 degrees.

 photo DSC03084.jpg

Put my raised grid in and loaded my rolls.

 photo DSC03086.jpg

They come off looking great.

 photo DSC03087.jpg

Sliced and chopped up most of the meat up for the freezer. The ham bone and some chunks of ham will be used for some soup beans today. 

 photo DSC03088.jpg

 photo DSC03089.jpg

Made a nice lunch.

Gotta love that little pellet cooker.

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