Tuesday, July 28, 2015

4th of July on the Ranch

I did this cook on my Weber Ranch Kettle yesterday and it came out quite well.

 photo DSC03026.jpg

I made up a pan of green beans, new potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and seasoned it  with some country ham and bacon along with some fresh herbs.

 photo DSC03027.jpg

I also cooked six very nice chuck roasts on this cook...these were so nice that I couldn’t find a thing to trim on any of them. The second meat on this cook was some very hot,  and insanely hot jerk chicken.

I split 4 pounds of cold briquets on two sides of the kettle and then added about 2 pounds of hot briquets over the top and then added a chunk of hickory for my smoke wood. 

 photo DSC03029.jpg

 photo DSC03028.jpg

I added one strip of a Grill Grate over the hot coals on one side of the cooker to sear up my jerk chicken.

 photo DSC03039.jpg

The jerk chicken came off first and sure looked great.

 photo DSC03040.jpg

I cooked the roasts to about 165 internal and then wrapped them in foil with some goodies to finish them up. I planned to make pulled beef out of all of the roasts. 

 photo DSC03041.jpg

Roasts wrapped and ready to go back on the cooker.

 photo DSC03042.jpg

My bean and new potato pan came off the cooker just before I wrapped my roasts.

 photo DSC03045.jpg

 photo DSC03047.jpg

I took the chuck roasts to about 210 internal and then took them off the cooker and let them rest for about 30 minutes. I then pulled the meat and added the juice from the foil back into the meat and it sure came out looking good. 

 photo DSC03046.jpg

We kept about a pound out for some treats and then processed the balance for the freezer. 

 photo DSC03048.jpg

 photo DSC03049.jpg

Made up a slider bun with some of the pulled beef and added some caramelized onions and peppers and my sandwich was complete. I also added a piece of my insanely hot jerk chicken to my plate. With the addition of some pasta salad, my meal was complete.

Loving this kettle more every time I use it.

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