Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Breakfast on the Cobb Grill

This is my first attempt at making a breakfast on this little 8-1/2 pound tailgate size grill. 
My youngest daughter got me the Cobb frying dish accessory for the grill and this will also be the first time I have tried to cook on it. 

My breakfast plan is some fried Spam, a bowl of toast points, and some eggs loaded up with the goodies. 

 photo DSC03005.jpg

The back row on my prep board is the bread and spray butter for my toast.
Middle row is the makings for my dried beef gravy.
Front row is for my wild scrambled eggs.

 photo DSC03006.jpg

First round is my buttered up camping toast for my toast points.

 photo DSC03015.jpg

Round two is my fried Spam.

 photo DSC03007.jpg

 photo DSC03009.jpg

Next up was the eggs along with some caramelized onions & peppers, some chopped ham, and some shredded cheddar cheese.

 photo DSC03011.jpg

 photo DSC03012.jpg

 photo DSC03013.jpg

The Amish dried beef gravy for my toast points was up next. I cheated and used some pulled beef for this treat. 

 photo DSC03014.jpg

I cut up my points and added them to the gravy.

 photo DSC03017.jpg

 photo DSC03020.jpg

 photo DSC03018.jpg

 photo DSC03019.jpg

Now that’s a fine looking breakfast!

 photo DSC03021.jpg

 photo DSC03022.jpg

Added some hot salsa to my eggs and this made a great breakfast. The gravy took a little longer than I expected as the cold milk really pulled the heat out of the pan. It still came out great.

And all this with just 11 charcoal briquets.

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