Friday, May 23, 2014

Large Tailgate Practice Cook

After being snowed out of my cooking patio for about 5 weeks, we finally received some warmer weather and it has melted the 2-3 foot drifts of snow on the patio. Time for a tailgate practice cook.

This cook was done on my GMG Davey Crockett pellet cooker and consisted of a total meal on one fire. Appetizer, main course meat, a couple of sides, dinner rolls, and a dessert. 

 photo DSC02222.jpg

This is a big chunk of real country ribs cut from the was trimmed of some fat and then I applied a light coat of my favorite rub.

 photo DSC02223.jpg

I then prepped my BBQ Pit Beans in a glass bread pan and covered them with brown sugar. The potatoes were covered with some peanut oil and then I sprinkled on some granulated garlic, sea salt, and fresh ground black pepper.

I also dipped and breaded about 2 dozen hot wing pieces for my appetizer. 

 photo DSC02225.jpg

Rolled my little tailgater around to the cooking patio and fired it up. I set the temp at 170 degrees to get more smoke for the first part of the cook. Was a lousy cooking day with the temperature around freezing and winds and gusts to 25 miles per hour.

 photo DSC02224.jpg

I got it all loaded up and I did have to use my raised grid for this cook. I have the beans under my country ribs so the drippings will add some extra flavor to my beans.

After about 90 minutes, I upped the temperature to 275 degrees to finish this part of the cook.

 photo DSC02226.jpg

Potatoes came off first.

 photo DSC02227.jpg

This picture was taken just before the first part of the cook came off of the cooker.

 photo DSC02229.jpg

Meat sure smelled good!

 photo DSC02228.jpg

My Pit Beans and hot wings.

 photo DSC02230.jpg

While the first part of the cook was finishing up, I prepped my dinner rolls and dessert. The rolls were placed on a black iron griddle and I then made up my pineapple upside down muffin cakes.

 photo DSC02231.jpg

I raised the temperature to 375 degrees and baked my rolls and dessert. 

 photo DSC02232.jpg

The dessert.

 photo DSC02233.jpg

And the rolls.

 photo DSC02234.jpg

Now there are some real country ribs and cooked to perfection.

 photo DSC02235.jpg

The plated meal...just wasn’t any room for a salad.

 photo DSC02236.jpg

Another photo.

 photo DSC02237.jpg

I added a dip of ice cream to my dessert.

That is one fine tailgate meal on one fine little tailgate cooker.

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