Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Tailgaters Dream

Another cook on my little Davy Crockett Tailgater pellet grill...trimmed up a beef brisket, gave it a good rub, and then placed it over an open pan of Rick Salmons Pit Beans in the cooker. Those brisket drippings should really help season up my beans. 

 photo DSC02336.jpg

Set the cooker on smoke for the first couple of hours and then turned it up to 265 degrees to finish the cook. 

 photo DSC02335.jpg

For power, I used a jump starter for this 8 hour cook.

 photo DSC02338.jpg

The brisket was looking good just before I put it into the foil along with some other goodies. 

 photo DSC02339.jpg

I pulled the beans after about 5-1/2 hours into the cook. Man, what a taste delight!!

 photo DSC02340.jpg

The brisket took about 2 more hours to finish and then I sliced it up for my event.

 photo DSC02341.jpg

I dribbled a little of the au jus from out of my foil over the meat just before I served it and it did come out very good.

I sure am enjoying this fine little pellet cooker and it is just a joy to use.

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