Friday, October 10, 2014

Breaded & Smoked Chicken / Grilled Slyders

I did this cook on my Green Mountain Davy Crockett pellet grill using a standard sized pair of Grill Grates.

I fired up the cooker and brought the temp up to about 340 degrees measured at the cooking surface and placed the two large chicken breasts (3.4 lbs total) on the Grill Grates. The chicken breasts had been run thru an egg wash and then rolled around in a bowl of my breading consisting of some flour, cornmeal, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, red pepper, and white pepper. 

 photo DSC02348.jpg

They were cooked about 30 minutes and then turned over and cooked an additional 20 minutes and then I brushed the breasts with some very watered down sauce and cooked about 10 more minutes and taken off the grill at an internal of about 160 degrees. 

 photo DSC02349.jpg

They sure had a nice color coming off of the grill.

I flipped the Grill Grates over to the smooth side for my 1/4 pound slyders as I wanted to sear these burgers for taste only.  

 photo DSC02350.jpg

I brought the temp up to about 450 degrees measured at the cooking surface and started the burgers. 

 photo DSC02351.jpg

Cooking the first burger, I found that I got the best results by cooking the first side for about 4 minutes and the flipping the burger over and cooking this side for 2-3 additional minutes. I wiped off the cooking surface after each round of searing as my burgers were only 70% lean and did produce some grease. 

 photo DSC02354.jpg

My dozen 1/4 pound slyders came out looking good.

 photo DSC02356.jpg

Chicken looked great as well. 

 photo DSC02352.jpg

 photo DSC02353.jpg

Sure looked nice all plated up.

 photo DSC02357.jpg

 photo DSC02358.jpg

You gotta love a couple of 1/4 pound slyders!

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