Friday, October 10, 2014

Pizza, Bread, & Bruschetta

I rolled my little Green Mountain Davy Crockett pellet grill around to my cooking patio and set it up for high temp baking and fired it up and slowly brought the temp up to around 450 degrees measured at or on the hearth stone.

 photo DSC02359.jpg

Had some of the 5 minute Artisan bread dough available so I decided to use it for this bake. 

 photo DSC02360.jpg

I made up a boule with a little over a pound of this dough and let it rise for about 45 minutes. 

 photo DSC02361.jpg

I let the cooker run on temp (450 degrees) for about 20 more minutes and got it ready for the bread by adding a water pan for the steam. I added a cup of water and placed the bread on the hearth and closed the door and this loaf was on it’s way. 

 photo DSC02364.jpg

While the first loaf was baking, I got my pizza ready using the same dough.

 photo DSC02366.jpg

I had my hearth stone to the far right side of the cooker and it baked a very nice boule of evenly browned bread which was not moved or rotated but just placed on the hearth and baked.

 photo DSC02367.jpg

I moved the hearth stone to the far left side of the cooker to see if it would cook as even as the right side and loaded my pizza. 

 photo DSC02368.jpg

Again, I got a nice evenly baked pizza without any moves or rotation of any kind. 

 photo DSC02370.jpg

Both the bread and pizza looked pretty good coming off of this little tailgate pellet cooker. 

 photo DSC02373.jpg

I sliced some bread for the wife and she got busy with some olive oil, tomato sauce, sliced tomatoes, garlic, butter, parmesan cheese, and made up some Bruschetta bread and I baked it as well. 

 photo DSC02372.jpg

Cut the pizza up.

 photo DSC02374.jpg

The Bruschetta bread out of the fire. 

 photo DSC02375.jpg

 photo DSC02376.jpg

As served.

I hate to keep ragging on this little cooker but I sure haven’t found much fault with it and It has become one of my favorite cookers. 

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