Saturday, October 11, 2014

Steak, Pork Burgers, Italian Sausage, and more

This mixed cook was done on my Char-Broil CB500-X which is about my favorite little charcoal cooker. The fuel was Ozark Oak lump charcoal along with some hickory chunks for smoke. The cooker was setup with half the grids direct and the other half indirect.

 photo DSC02438.jpg

I cut 3 steaks out of a whole loin about 5/8” thick which will be used for my State Fair ribeye sandwiches. I also cut 2 of the steaks about 1-1/4” thick for our regular use. 

 photo DSC02439.jpg

I prepped them by cutting some excess fat off and sprinkling on some garlic salt and fresh black pepper. 

 photo DSC02443.jpg

I installed my Grill Grates and got the cooker up to about 550 degrees measured on top of the grates and loaded a couple of steaks.

 photo DSC02441.jpg

I cooked the thicker steaks about 3 minutes on each side to an internal of about 125 degrees and removed them from the cooker. I cooked the thinner steaks for about 1-1/2 minute per side to get them done. With this little time on the grill, I didn’t have them on long enough to turn them to get the nice cross hatch grid marks.

Jan formed up eight 1/3 pound pork burgers from our bulk meat and I cooked them next on the grill. This is another State Fair treat we love.

After the above was done I took the grill grates off of the cooker and finished the cook on the standard cast iron grids. 

 photo DSC02444.jpg

Next up was my Italian sausage, a block of Spam, and some hot peppers which will be used for blackened peppers.

Jan prepped some slab potatoes by brushing on some peanut oil along with some salt and pepper.

 photo DSC02445.jpg

After the peppers were done, I loaded the slab potatoes on the direct side of the cooker.

 photo DSC02446.jpg

Cooker still pretty hot so the potatoes didn’t take very long.

Next up and the last cook was some ABT”s made out of the Hungarian Hot Banana Peppers. 

 photo DSC02437.jpg

The peppers came out great.

 photo DSC02447.jpg

 photo DSC02448.jpg

 photo DSC02449.jpg

 photo DSC02450.jpg

All of the cook came out looking good.

 photo DSC02451.jpg

Plated ribeye steak dinner.

 photo DSC02452.jpg

State Fair ribeye steak sandwich along with some red beans and rice and other sides.

 photo DSC02454.jpg

State Fair type of pork burger sandwich meal.

 photo DSC02453.jpg

Italian sausage sandwich with some caramelized onions with some horse radish mustard.

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