Saturday, October 11, 2014

Daniel Boone and the Rib-O-Lator

This cook was done on my GMG Daniel Boone running a Rib-O-Lator rotisserie setup. It was also my first cook on this setup. I wanted to cook a full load of spare ribs but just didn't need them at this time so I decided to do a mixed cook to see how this modification would work. 

The cook consisted of the following meats.

Slab of St Louis cut Spare Ribs
Rib Tips from the slab of spares
Three Pork Steaks
Two Chuck Steaks
Ham Steak

 photo DSC02526.jpg

I prepped the meat by cutting the spare ribs up into a slab of St. Louis cut spare ribs and then I had the rib tips to cook as well. I applied a rub to both the tips and the spares.

 photo DSC02527.jpg

I prepped the pork steaks by just giving them a good rub.
I prepped the chuck steaks by sprinkling on a medium coat of garlic salt and then a generous dose of black pepper.
I did nothing to prep the ham steak.

To keep this rotisserie in balance, I planned to load the ribs on one tray and then the tips on the tray opposite the ribs. Then I would load 2 of the pork steaks on one tray and the two chuck steaks on the last tray. 

 photo DSC02533.jpg

I was running hickory pellets and set the cooker at 150 degrees for the first hour to get some additional smoke into my product.

 photo DSC02532.jpg

 photo DSC02531.jpg

 photo DSC02529.jpg

I got all but the ham steak loaded into the cooker and it did balance out quite well and was rotating just fine. 

 photo DSC02528.jpg

After one hour at 150 degrees, I raised the temperature up 300 degrees for the balance of the cook. I ran at this temp until my chuck steak and pork steak was done and my ribs were ready to wrap.

 photo DSC02536.jpg

Rib Tips and Chuck Steaks

 photo DSC02535.jpg

Ribs and Pork Steak

The food looked good at this point into the cook. I pulled the pork and chuck steaks and then wrapped the ribs and tips and placed them back on the cooker.

 photo DSC02541.jpg

I had to cut up my ham steak as it was too wide for the trays and then I loaded it on one of the empty trays and then placed my last pork steak on the other tray. 

 photo DSC02543.jpg

Cooked about an additional hour until my ham and last pork steak was done. 

 photo DSC02545.jpg

The cook came out quite well for a first cook with this rig. 

 photo DSC02540.jpg

 photo DSC02539.jpg

Pork Steak and Chuck Steak.

 photo DSC02544.jpg

 photo DSC02546.jpg

Ribs, Rib Tips, and Ham Steak

 photo DSC02547.jpg

Not looking forward to the cleanup!!!

The Rib-O-Lator did a great job with the meats I tried on this first cook. Was very easy to keep in balance and will cook just fine even if it isn't in perfect balance. Looking forward to cooking a full load of ribs in this rotisserie setup. 

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