Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bronto Spare Ribs and Rib Tips

Our local Kroger has these very large Bronto Spares on sale several times each year at a low of $1.47 to $1.87 a pound and although they are injected with salt water, I get sucked into purchasing a few slabs each time they run the sale. 

 photo DSC02489.jpg

Jan found a couple of slabs that only weighed around 5-1/2 pounds each so I decided to cook one up yesterday. I also needed to do some pit beans for a an upcoming event so this cook worked out great for me. 

 photo DSC02491.jpg

I start by cutting out a slab of St. Louis first and then taking the remaining rib tips and cutting out some of the fat, cartilage, and bones so they will be ready for the grill. 

 photo DSC02492.jpg

I then got my pit beans ready as I planned to cook them under the ribs so the drippings would go into the beans for some additional flavor.

 photo DSC02493.jpg

I put the pit beans on my little Davy Crockett tailgater pellet grill and then placed the ribs over the beans on a raised grid.

 photo DSC02494.jpg

Later into the cook, I pulled both the slab of spares and the rib tips for some additional cutting and saucing and then placed them back on the cooker with the rib tips in my pan.

 photo DSC02495.jpg

I glazed the sauce on the slab of spares and pulled them and waited for the tips to get done.

 photo DSC02498.jpg

Tips cooked about 30 minutes more and I pulled them.

 photo DSC02499.jpg

Beans, spares, and tips look good coming off of the grill.

 photo DSC02501.jpg

We made a meal out of the rib tips along with some of the pit beans.

The beans were then frozen to will be used for one of the treats I will prepare for the folks at the Gathering in a few days. 

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