Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pulled Beef Meal / Pasta Fagioli

Another whole meal type of cook on my GMG Davy Crockett tailgater grill using a mixed blend of hardwood pellets. 

I started with a tube of Pillsbury Grands Thwack Biscuits which I placed on a cookie sheet. 

 photo DSC02418.jpg

The cookie sheet went into the little cooker on my raised second grid. I baked them around 350 degrees for about 15 minutes and they come off looking and smelling wonderful. 

 photo DSC02419.jpg

 photo DSC02422.jpg

I couldn’t stand it and tore one of them open and buttered it up and ate it on the spot.

Next step was to prep my green bean treat...I cut up about 3 strips of bacon and then sliced off about 1/4 pound of sausage and placed both into my small Dutch oven. 

 photo DSC02421.jpg

Got my 3 pound chuck roast out of the fridge and trimmed a little fat off and then sprinkled on some garlic salt and black pepper as this meat will be used in three different meals including beef enchiladas, Chicago style Italian beefs, and then some pulled beef sandwiches. 

 photo DSC02420.jpg

After the biscuits came out of the oven, I lowered the temp to around 250 degrees for the balance of the cook. I then loaded the meat into the grill and later into the cook, I loaded the Dutch oven and rendered the meat for about 15 minutes until the bacon got to where I wanted it. I then poured in all the liquid from the can of green beans into the pot and cooked it down to about half and then added the beans.

 photo DSC02426.jpg

 photo DSC02424.jpg

As soon as my roast looked right, I foiled it with some broth and placed it back into the cooker to finish up. At the same time, I took my Dutch oven beans off of the cooker. 

 photo DSC02427.jpg

 photo DSC02425.jpg

Beans looked great.

I took my chuck roast to about 208-212 degrees internal which is needed to get it to pull like a pork butt and then took it off of the cooker. 

 photo DSC02428.jpg

The chuck roast pulled nicely and looked great on the plate. 

 photo DSC02430.jpg

Pulled one of the biscuits apart and placed it on the plate and then loaded up a generous amount of the pulled beef. I also got my lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese ready for my sandwich. And not shown was a big dollop of horsey sauce that went on my sandwich. Plated the balance up including the first hot hunky out of my container garden and I had a great meal. 

 photo DSC02434.jpg

 photo DSC02435.jpg

Can’t wait to make my enchilada dish with the meat!

And speaking of Dutch ovens, I tried a new treat in a 12” camp oven that came out great. It is called “Pasta e Fagioli” and was a very good and hearty soup that will be nice during the Winter season. Will put some information up the next time I cook this wonderful soup.

 photo DSC02431.jpg

 photo DSC02433.jpg

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