Friday, October 10, 2014

Dutch Oven Lasagna and Dessert

I did this cook using the new “oven ready” lasagna noodles and it was also my first cook in my new camp style dutch oven that I received from my children for my birthday. 

Nice thing about these noodles is that they don’t have to be cooked first as you just layer them uncooked into the DO along with your other ingredients. I did change my recipe by adding more sauce to help with the final product.

 photo DSC02379.jpg

I started with a little sauce on the bottom and then my first layer of the noodles. I then added 3 more layers consisting of my meat (a mixture of my homemade and super spicy Italian sausage and some 72% burger along with my sauce and spices), my wet cheese mixture, shredded cheese, and more noodles.

I did use some shredded cheddar for color on the last layer of ingredients. 

 photo DSC02382.jpg

Was a cooler morning with intermittent showers so I setup my cooking area with my WSM which I sometimes use for DO cooking in bad weather to shield my oven from the elements. 

 photo DSC02381.jpg

I cooked my lasagna until it was done at about 375 degrees and I did have to use the lid of the WSM a couple of times to avoid the rain showers. 

 photo DSC02384.jpg

Just before it came off of the fire. 

 photo DSC02385.jpg

I started some more charcoal and then made up my dessert which was a cherry chocolate cake in another DO. 

 photo DSC02386.jpg

I figured the rain was done so I did this short cook on my table. 

 photo DSC02387.jpg

Just before it came off of the fire. 

 photo DSC02391.jpg

 photo DSC02392.jpg

 photo DSC02393.jpg

The results of my cook.

Now, as plated.

 photo DSC02388.jpg

 photo DSC02389.jpg

 photo DSC02390.jpg

I did add a scoop of ice cream to my dessert.

The felt the cook was still a little short on sauce so I will add more on the next cook and I sure like the “oven ready” noodles as they save me a step on the cooking process especially for camping. 

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