Friday, March 11, 2016

Breaded & Smoked Hot Wings / Weber Jumbo Joe

Got an early start this morning with some hot wings.

 photo DSC03331.jpg

Made up the egg wash and then the hot breading and prepped my hot wings.

 photo DSC03334.jpg

Placed them in the fridge for about an hour so the breading can set up before I cook them.

Fired up a half chimney of lump charcoal and waited for it to get right.

 photo DSC03332.jpg

While the charcoal was getting right, I made up my hot sauce.

 photo DSC03336.jpg

This cook was done in my Weber Jumbo Joe with the Mini Vortex holding the charcoal.

 photo DSC03335.jpg

 photo DSC03338.jpg

I used a piece of hickory for the smoke and just cooked my hot wings until they were done.

 photo DSC03339.jpg

Just off the kettle.

 photo DSC03341.jpg

 photo DSC03342.jpg

Now, I am ready for some football!

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