Friday, March 11, 2016

Cheeseburger & Bacon Wrapped Spam

Yesterday was my brides 71st birthday and I planned to cook her a fine ribeye dinner for the occasion. She said that she would rather have a plain old cheeseburger instead of the steak. Well, it’s her event and I gave her one fine cheeseburger. I also fixed myself a nice Spam sandwich.

 photo DSC03312.jpg

Made up three 1/3 pound burgers and then I cut the Spam about 3/4” thick and wrapped it with bacon for my sandwich.

 photo DSC03314.jpg

Fired up the little Cobb grill and toasted the buns first.

 photo DSC03315.jpg

 photo DSC03316.jpg

Next step was to cook the meat and that didn’t take very long.

 photo DSC03317.jpg

I cut up a couple of potatoes for fries and Jan baked them in the oven. She also got the veggies ready for our treats.

 photo DSC03318.jpg

 photo DSC03319.jpg

Now that was a fine birthday meal.

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