Thursday, March 31, 2016

First Rotisserie Cook on the Cobb Grill

One of my Winter projects was to try to come up with a rotisserie setup for my little Cobb Grill. I got that task completed and this was my first cook on this modified rotisserie setup.

 photo DSC03494.jpg

My first cook was a 7.83 pound Cumberland Gap boneless ham. I added a sticker and then my favorite rub and it was ready to be carried out and placed on my little Cobb Grill.

 photo DSC03495.jpg

I had started my fire with 14 Stubbs briquets and then added a tin foil package of Jack Daniels wood chips for some smoke.

 photo DSC03498.jpg

Added the prepped ham and rotisserie unit to my Cobb base and just turned it loose.

 photo DSC03499.jpg

About 2-1/2 hours into the cook, I started my Honey-Sriracha glaze and applied it three times to my ham. I also added a few more briquets to my charcoal basket.

 photo DSC03502.jpg

I took the ham off at about four hours total and it looked good. Rested the ham and then cooled it down in the fridge to get it ready for the slicer.

 photo DSC03503.jpg

 photo DSC03504.jpg

Put the ham thru the slicer and got a nice pile of meat.

 photo DSC03505.jpg

 photo DSC03506.jpg

I piled about 6 ozs. on some rye bread, added some Swiss cheese, then some lettuce and tomato, and finished it off with some horsey sauce. Along with some chips and green onions and a fine ale, it made for a great lunch.

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