Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Meatloaf on the Cobb Grill

Did this cook yesterday on my little Cobb Grill using the extender ring as I needed a little more height in the cooking area to fit my meatloaf pan. Used Stubbs briquets (12) and some Jack Daniels chips for my smoke wood.

 photo DSC03466.jpg

The small loaf was made up with about 1-1/4 pound of burger and one pound of hot sausage along with some veggies consisting of onions and bell peppers. Also used some crackers, some SPG seasoning, and an egg. My pots were rubbed with some peanut oil and then I sprinkled on some SPG for additional flavor.

 photo DSC03473.jpg

Nice cool morning without much wind will make for a nice cook.

 photo DSC03467.jpg

Was a tight fit but I got it loaded into the grill and I was on my way to a nice lunch.

 photo DSC03469.jpg

Took the potatoes off at about 204-207 internal and then wrapped them in foil. The meatloaf took about 20 minutes longer and I took it off at about 165 degrees internal.

 photo DSC03470.jpg

Sliced up the meatloaf and it looked great.

 photo DSC03471.jpg

 photo DSC03472.jpg

Dressed the potato and added some greens and a garlic bun and had a fine lunch.

That grill is just fun to cook on and always puts out some fine food.

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