Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Brisket and Ribs on the Weber Ranch Kettle

A while back, I purchased a couple of those “prime” full packer cut briskets from Costco and hadn’t cooked one yet and I also had a couple of nice brisket flats to cook from and for a neighbor so a cook was born. And since I am always looking for an excuse to use the Ranch Kettle, I decided to just add a slab of ribs to kinda fill it up a little and give it a go. 

 photo DSC03807.jpg

 photo DSC03808.jpg

I trimmed the briskets and then injected them and added a rub and placed them into bags for an overnight stay in the fridge. 

 photo DSC03811.jpg

 photo DSC03812.jpg

Early the next morning at about 5:00am, I got the meat out of the bags, and then prepped a slab of St. Louis cut spares, and placed it all on the kettle.

 photo DSC03814.jpg

Was a cold and rainy day for most of the cook and the Ranch Kettle did a fine job with this smaller load of meat. 

 photo DSC03817.jpg

Wrapped the ribs at about 3-1/2 hours into the cook. I also wrapped the briskets with Rick’s Sinful Marinade as soon as they were ready and completed the cook in about 8-1/4 hours. 

 photo DSC03820.jpg

 photo DSC03821.jpg

 photo DSC03824.jpg

 photo DSC03826.jpg

 photo DSC03829.jpg

 photo DSC03828.jpg

The results of the cook and it did come out quite well. That cooker is a blast to run!!

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