Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Brisket on the Cobb Grill

Wanted to try a Brisket on the Cobb with it’s small 12” in diameter cooking grid and the wife found me a nice brisket flat that weighed just 5.24 pounds that looked pretty good. This piece of meat is still 4-5” wider than the cooking grid but I think it will work without cutting it into a couple of pieces with my beer can trick.

 photo DSC03771.jpg

Trimmed it of some excess fat.

 photo DSC03772.jpg

Wife injected it with some Cattleprod from BPS.

 photo DSC03773.jpg

Rubbed with a heavy sprinkle of butcher cut black pepper and then a moderate sprinkle of SGH rub.

 photo DSC03774.jpg

Bagged it and placed it into the fridge for an overnight stay. 

 photo DSC03775.jpg

 photo DSC03776.jpg

On cooking day, I placed the beer can in the center of that small round grid and then draped the brisket over it. As soon as my grill was on temp at about 300-325 degrees, I carried it out and placed it on the Cobb. I also added large foil packet of Jack Daniels white oak barrel chips to the fire at this time. 

 photo DSC03778.jpg

Finally a cool morning at 54 degrees and I got the brisket started at about 5:30am.

 photo DSC03780.jpg

About two hours into the cook as I added more charcoal and wood chips. 

 photo DSC03781.jpg

At about three hours into the cook and with an internal temp of about 175 degrees, I wrapped the brisket with about 3oz some liquid goodies. 

 photo DSC03787.jpg

 photo DSC03785.jpg

Around five hours into the cook, I had a probe tender brisket at about 202-205 internal degrees so I pulled it off and let it rest about 45 minutes before I sliced it for the table. 
Sure had a nice smoke ring. 

 photo DSC03788.jpg

 photo DSC03789.jpg

I made up a “Texas BLT Sandwich” which consists of brisket, lettuce, and tomato but also added some Swiss cheese and horsey sauce. 

 photo DSC03791.jpg

Sure made a nice lunch.

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