Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pizza Pot Pies / Cobb Grill

I did this pizza cook on my Cobb Grill this morning and it came out quite well. The pizza pot pie comes out similar to a deep dish pizza.

 photo DSC03742.jpg


1 pound of my homemade hot and spicy Italian sausage
can of pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese both slices and shredded 
sliced onions
sliced bell peppers
chopped fresh basil
some Italian spices
can of pizza dough

 photo DSC03743.jpg

Browned up the sausage, onions, and bell peppers.

 photo DSC03744.jpg

Drained the grease off and added the pizza sauce.

 photo DSC03745.jpg

Pammed the bowls and lined the inside with several layers of cheese. Also added some shredded to the bottom of the bowls. 

 photo DSC03746.jpg

 photo DSC03747.jpg

Put the sausage mixture in the bowls and then covered the tops with more cheese. Then added some more chopped basil and the mushrooms.

 photo DSC03749.jpg

Baked them about 30 minutes at about 325 degrees.

 photo DSC03751.jpg

This is the big one just coming off of the little grill.

 photo DSC03752.jpg

This is the one I tried to eat but could’t finish...just too much to eat at one time.

 photo DSC03753.jpg

You just turn the bowls over, run a knife around the edges, and pull out the bowls. They kinda just plop onto your plate.

 photo DSC03756.jpg

I’ll probably do these again....

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