Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Insanely Hot Jerk Chicken / Cobb Grill

Every once in a while, this old “Chilihead” gets a yearning for some insanely hot food and this is the results of one of these cooks. 

 photo DSC03892.jpg

I started by making a Jamaican type of marinade and used two tablespoons of a very hot jerk spice blend and then I added four habaneros to this mix. That along with several other ingredients went into a blender and then into my one gallon bag with my six pieces of chicken. Placed the bag into the fridge for an overnight stay. 

Now, any fool should know that this should be hot enough but not me, I figured I also needed a hot jerk glaze to go with this treat. 

For my glaze, I used another TBL of the jerk blend, five habaneros, half a cup of hot ketchup, and several other goodies. I just pulsed this in the blender a little as I wanted it kinda chunky. 

 photo DSC03894.jpg

This morning, I placed my marinated chicken on my grill grate and carried it out and placed it on my hot Cobb grill. 

 photo DSC03895.jpg

Cool morning with the temperature at about freezing. I used some hickory chips as I wanted heavy smoke with this short cook. 

 photo DSC03896.jpg

Chicken on the first turn and without my hot glaze.

 photo DSC03898.jpg

This is the chicken just about done and with three rounds of my hot glaze at this time into my cook. 

 photo DSC03899.jpg

Just off of the cooker.

 photo DSC03900.jpg

 photo DSC03901.jpg

My plate with one jerk chicken leg on a bed or red beans and rice, some pasta salad, some veggies, and my smoked and spiral cut pineapple with a dip of ice cream and some berry surple. 

About half way thru this chicken leg and meal and with my face flushed, sweat all over my face and running down my back, heart pounding, and tears in my eyes, I had to call this punishment off! I was whipped but oh my, it was wonderful. (Only another Chilihead would understand). 

The only downside will come in the morning...

p.s.  I did finish that chicken leg later in the evening.

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