Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Rotisserie Roasted Spiral Cut Pineapple / Cobb Rotisserie

This is a nice little dessert that comes out well  if done on a rotisserie. Very easy to do and is a very tasty dessert treat. This cook was done on my Cobb grill.

 photo DSC03881.jpg

This is my trimmed up and rotisserie mounted pineapple.

 photo DSC03883.jpg

Made up a sauce or glaze with about one cup of “Sugar in the Raw”,  a stick of butter, 2 TBL cocoa powder, and a little squirt of pineapple juice. I applied the first coat of sauce even before I carried it out and placed it on the grill.

 photo DSC03884.jpg

The pineapple was glazed a couple of more times and then I pulled it off of the cooker.

 photo DSC03886.jpg 

Let it cool down a little before slicing.

 photo DSC03888.jpg

 photo DSC03889.jpg

I added a dip of ice cream and some chocolate syrup and had a wonderful treat.

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