Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spinnin' Chicken and Bronto Spares

This cook was done on my Hasty-Bake # 257 Gourmet grill. The grill was setup with my rotisserie and I used a fuse type of burn with the all hardwood natural charcoal brickettes from Wicked Good. 

This is the fuse or snake setup with the fuel and I also used some hickory chunks on top of the charcoal for my smoke wood.

I used my battery operated rotisserie motor for this cook.

The whole chicken came from my sil farm and weighed about 4 pounds and I used the Roadside Chicken recipe for the marinade and baste. 

The bronto spare ribs came from a Kroger sale and they weighed in at about 6 pounds a slab. These lousy ribs are injected with salt water and are way overweight. I still buy them for this one treat (Pulled Rib Meat) and usually when they are on sale for less than $1.89 a pound. The slab I cooked yesterday cost $1.57 a pound and came from a group I purchased about 5 months ago. 

Was another beautiful morning in Indiana with the temp at about 46 degrees and the sun a shinning and just a great day to cook. I got the chicken a spinnin’ and the large slab of spares on the cooker.

About 3 hours into the cook and just before I took the chicken off, I wrapped the ribs with some juice and sweet stuff.

The chicken looked good coming off of the cooker. Just hard to beat a rotisserie chicken!

Here is that big slab of the bronto ribs fresh off the cooker.

After removing the bones and cartilage, this was my bowl of pulled rib meat. This meat prepared as above is in my opinion the best you can get out of a hog.....even better than the tenderloin or a good chop. 

Now that’s some good stuff!!

Add a side or two and then load that bun up with the pulled meat and you got yourself a real meal. You’ll never need sauce on this sandwich.

Nuff Said...

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