Wednesday, February 28, 2018

First Pizza on my NuWave Air Fryer

I did this bake a few days ago to see if I could get a decent pizza off of my air fryer and I think I did come up with something that was pretty good. I am sure I can improve on it on my next bake as I did make a couple of mistakes on this first try. 

 photo IMG_1235.jpg

I make dough for pizza, calzones, focaccia, French bread, and a couple of Italian flatbreads (all use the same dough) and freeze it for future use so this is a packet of dough from the freezer. I also used a pizza screen for this bake.

 photo IMG_1236.jpg

I pre-baked my dough on a raised setup in the air fryer. I used a temperature of 400 degrees and a time of 8 minutes.

 photo IMG_1237.jpg

The pizza crust just out of the air fryer and ready to be finished.

 photo IMG_1238.jpg

I added some sauce, then some cheese, and then the pepperoni. I figured I needed to have the meat covered to prevent it from blowing off the pizza.

 photo IMG_1239.jpg

I added more cheese and then some onions and bell pepper pieces.

 photo IMG_1240.jpg

It was baked in my 10 quart NuWave air fryer. I set the temp for 400 degrees and the time for 16 minutes. I checked it at 8 minutes into the bake and found the bell pepper pieces starting to burn a little on the edges so I cut the temp back to 330 degree and finished the bake.

 photo IMG_1241.jpg

The pizza looked pretty good to me.

 photo IMG_1243.jpg

The pizza was about 10 inches in diameter.

 photo IMG_1245.jpg

The pizza made a fine lunch. I will sure do this bake again as this pizza was great!

 photo IMG_1246.jpg

The crust was very good and slightly crunchy on the outside edges.

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