Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Green Mountain High Temp Pizza Oven Accessory

I purchased this Green Mountain wood fired pizza oven a few weeks ago when they were on sale and finally got it installed in my Daniel Boone to try it out. WOW, it is one great accessory. Pizza as high as 850-875 degrees is what it is designed to do. Imagine, a 2 minute pizza!

 photo IMG_1124.jpg

This accessory is all Stainless steel except for the hearth stone and it sure looks like a quality unit. To install it, I just took the grids and drip pans out of the cooker and just dropped it into the Daniel Boone. The unit fits over the fire box in the cooker so all the heat is directed up into the unit. 

 photo IMG_1125.jpg

The base of the unit installed in the cooker. 

 photo IMG_1127.jpg

Ready to go in the cooker. The top part just lifts up and off of the unit if needed (for rookies that can’t handle a pizza peel) but I found that it wasn’t needed for my pizzas. I had plenty of room for using both a wood and metal peel.

 photo IMG_1126.jpg

I wanted to start with a couple of simple Pizza Margherita style pies so I didn’t have very much on them for my first attempt. 

I used some frozen dough I had made up a few weeks ago that was made with 00 flour, a few herbs, and of course, salt, sugar, oil, water, and some yeast. To top the pizza, I started with some sauce, and then some mozzarella cheese, next up some small sliced tomatoes, and then some shredded parmesan cheese. I did the second pizza the same way but also added a few pieces of pepperoni. 

 photo IMG_1130.jpg

Since this was my first bake on this unit, I decided to use a little lower temperature at around 650-700 degrees for my first attempt. To get this temp, I had to set the cooker at just 275 degrees. It took about 20 minutes to get to temp on this cold 20 degree morning. 

 photo IMG_1133.jpg

Pizza just loaded into the hot oven.

 photo IMG_1134.jpg

Pizza about done in the oven...note the bubbled up dough. After loading, I let it bake for 2 minutes and turned it about 90  degrees and let it go for 2 more minutes for a total of 4 minutes to complete the pizza. The 90 degree turn is all that is needed as the pizza oven heats the top of the pizza from both sides of the accessory. 

 photo IMG_1135.jpg

 photo IMG_1137.jpg

 photo IMG_1139.jpg

 photo IMG_1140.jpg

I thought my first effort came out that bubbled up dough and the way everything came out. I added my chopped basil after the pizza was out of the oven. I can hardly wait to try it again at a higher temperature. 

 photo IMG_1141.jpg

 photo IMG_1142.jpg


And I paid just over $100 dollars for this unit and I think it is a great value for the folks that own a Green Mountain grill. The grill will fit both the Green Mountain Daniel Boone and the Jim Bowie. Won't fit the Davy Crockett grill. 

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