Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ham, Sides, & Rolls in the Hasty-Bake Ranger Rotisserie

This is my second cook in my Hasty-Bake Ranger using my homebuilt rotisserie setup and it came out well. 

 photo IMG_1160.jpg

 photo IMG_1161.jpg

The ham, the candied yams, the baked beans, and the yeast rolls were all done on my Hasty-Bake Ranger. Sure made a fine lunch.

I cooked a Hickory Smoked Cumberland Gap ham that weighed a little under 8 pounds in the rotisserie using a good hardwood lump and some hickory chunks for smoke. I guess that would be called a double smoked ham. 

 photo IMG_1152.jpg

I did this cook early yesterday morning with a temperature around 39 degrees and in a light misting rain. That Ranger is one of two tailgater sized cookers that Hasty-Bake makes and is a nice all Stainless Steel cooker / smoker.  

 photo IMG_1155.jpg

I glazed the ham a couple of times with a Honey Sriracha Glaze and the ham took about  2 hours and 45 minutes to get done in the rotisserie. I was using s cooking temperature of about 275-320 degrees. 

 photo IMG_1157.jpg

After I pulled the ham off of the cooker, I changed it back over for regular cooking and added my pan of candied sweet potatoes, a pan of baked beans, and a pan of yeast rolls to complete my meal. 

 photo IMG_1158.jpg

Sides just off of the cooker.

 photo IMG_1159.jpg

I ran the ham thru my slicer and it came out nice and ready to be served.

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