Saturday, February 7, 2009

Complete Steak Dinner / Backwoods Party

This cook, bake, grill, and smoke was done on my upgraded Party but could have been done as well in my Fatboy, Competitor, or Chubby as all four of these cookers are airtight and can be operated at the higher temps if done carefully. Of course, you do need the removable water pan option in the cooker.

Along with the steak, I did both slab potatoes and slab onions and a pan of green beans with bacon. I also wanted Texas toast so I also baked a loaf of sourdough pan bread for this treat. My dessert was to be Swedish Nut Cake.

The first part of this cook will be at about 350 degrees with a dry water pan IN the cooker. I also needed a very even cook with the fire in the center later in the cook so I started the fire on both sides and brought it up to cooking temp kinda slowly to be sure my fire was even for my later high temp grilling.

This shows my nut cake and the slab potatoes and onions just before they went on the cooker on the top grid. Not in the picture is my pan of sourdough bread.

Little cooker sure runs nice at 350 degrees.

Somewhere around 40 minutes, the first part of the cook was done and removed from the cooker.

I then removed the water pan and the diffuser plate from the cooker for my grilling and upped the temp to about 500 degrees which is as high as I run these cookers. With the cooking grid just a few inches over the fire, the temp there is much higher but I don't have any way to measure it.

Put the green beans on the cooker as they just need heated up some and then cut the sourdough bread for Texas toast. Added garlic and butter and then placed this on the top rack of the cooker.

I then placed the steaks on the cooker for just a few minutes as I wanted them medium rare and I would guess this was about 7 minutes per side. The picture isn't very good as the steaks did look better.

Wife put the icing on the cake and plated up this meal and it did come out well.

Made for a nice meal and all in just one cook on the Backwoods.

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