Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fast Dougie's Pellet Fired Primo Cooker

This slick little cooker was designed and fabricated by my friend Doug Feil (USA Doug) from Decatur, Alabama. It was built out of parts from a Primo ceramic cooker, parts from a Big Green Egg ceramic cooker, and parts from a Traeger pellet cooker along with a sheet of aluminum diamond plate metal and some other misc. parts. I think it is kinda a "work in process" as Doug works on it when he has the time.

Doug used the outer shell (both top and bottom) of the round Primo ceramic cooker.

He also used the Primo pizza stone and grate along with the vent top in his assembly of this cooker. He also used the ceramic ring out of a BGE cooker in this unit.

Doug fabricated his pellet hopper, control panel, and complete feed delivery system housing out of the diamond plate aluminum sheet. He then installed the Traeger pellet feed system into the Primo cooker shell and attached his feeder and hopper assembly to the Primo shell.

The cooker is coming along nicely at this point and looks good.

He used the BGE plate setter with the legs up in the cooker and then the cooking grid on top of that.

This picture shows the cooker lit up with fire in the firebox.

I think this is a great modification and fabrication job to the Primo ceramic cooker and "kudo's" go out to Doug for coming up with this very unique cooker.


  1. Looks very interesting. I own a Traeger 125 and love it.I have some thoughts on your project here. Shouldn't there be an opening in the metal box to allow for airflow to the convection fan and help in the cooling of electronics? And since the Traeger is an uninsulated cooker will that affect the temp control in the insulated ceramic cooker? I'd love to see the final project in action. Good luck!

  2. You are right about the restricted airflow to the convection and drive fan motors. The underside is open and I drilled a 2.5" air hole in the end of the drive unit box. I used stove caulk to fill in between the metal and ceramic. Runs nice and cool.