Friday, January 30, 2009

Bonesmokers Bahama Mamas

We serve this wonderful drink a few times each year at the BBQ contests and it always goes over very well and may also help put your competition under the influence which might give you an advantage in the contest. You know...drink up it's free!!

This drink has put me to bed early on a couple of occasions as it really sneaks up on a fellow. I tasted this drink for the first time at the Nelsonville, Ohio contest several years ago when my friend Ford Alison (Great Lakes BBQ & Feed) had us over for their Friday evening party. He not only does this great drink but also does what he calls "Hot Apple Pie" which is another great drink that does taste like hot apple pie. Course, he also does about the best beef tenderloin that you will ever taste for breakfast at a contest.

Ray Lampe (drbbq) whose team name is called Bonesmokers, posted the recipe on the BBQ forum in 2001 and I will just copy it over to my site.

Bonesmokers Bahama Mamas (4/18/2001 5:30:56 PM by drbbq)

As long as you asked, these will be served immediatly after the Butt to Butt turn in. Wish I had one right now. David Roper once said
"The only thing these need is drinking".


½ gal rum

1 quart dark or meyers rum

½ gal coconut rum

1 gal orange juice

1 gal pineapple juice

1 quart lemon juice

1 12oz can cherry juice concentrate or 16 oz grenedine

stir with ice makes about 5 gallons

We make this drink up in a 5 gallon Igloo round drink cooler.

Just add a 7-8 pound bag of ice and then all the above ingredients into the Igloo cooler and stir it up and serve.

One great drink...

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