Sunday, January 18, 2009

Competition Ribs (3-2-1 or 2-2-1 or whatever)

Texas Rib Ranger (Bill Milroy) is probably the Father of the 3-2-1 or the 2-2-1 or the whatever number rib cook using foil. His recipe has been bastardized on many web pages out there but here is the recipe that he shared with the public about 5 years ago and how the recipe does work.


"I've been cooking in compentions for 24 years and started using foil back then and still do. Jumpin Jim passed along one of his secrets so here comes mine. Smoke your ribs for 2-3 hours then wrap with foil. Before you put the ribs in the foil put some Brown Sugar & Honey on the foil put meat side down,then put some on the ribs then close the foil. Before closing completely put some Apple juice (about 2-3 oz.) and put back on cooker.After about an hour check Ribs if done pull them. About 30 min. before turn-in mix juice off rib with Texas Rib Rangers Spicy sauce and baste Ribs on grill to glaze them. Mix about 3 parts sauce to 1 part juice. Now you know the Rib Rangers story. Good Luck and Happy Q'n Bill"

Several keys here and I will start with the amount of juice as more or less won't work. It must be 2-3oz as the ribs must boil in this liquid. Meat side down--you need to boil the meat and not the bone ends. Get them DONE in the foil before you remove them from the cooker. They do go back on the cooker or grill for the glaze.

Ribs cool down very quickly and anything you do to them outside the cooker must be done quickly. Make up your foil boats in advance and then pull the ribs and wrap and get them back on the cooker as quick as you can.

This recipe and method is still winning cookoffs every weekend.

Now this is some real "pig candy".

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