Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pizza's on the Backwoods Chubby

I wanted to try a few new methods and recipes for my pizza that we like to do at contests and since I usually take my Chubby as my second cooker, I decided to try them in this cooker.

We always make our own dough and take it to the contests and this is quite a bit of additional work so I wanted to try the purchased slabs or pizza shells as I think they are called to reduce the work on pizza night. I purchased a case of 24 slabs for about $16.00 so these worked out to about $.65 each. They come in sizes from 8" to about 18" in diameter and I purchased the 12" in diameter as that is about the largest size that will work in the Chubby or Party.

I always like to cook my pizza on a stone hearth and also wanted to try these slabs in pans as this would also cut down on the work for our pizza party. I usually cook more than one pizza at a time in most of my other cookers so the pans might work out well with the slab dough.

It was cold this morning at about 23 degrees and light snow and I fired the Chubby up on Ozark Oak lump and am using an empty water pan with my foil layers. I set the cooker up with two stone hearths as I wanted to do the first two pizzas on a hearth and then the third pizza on a pan. My plan was to bake the pizza at about 400 degrees. I didn't use any smoke wood as the lump has enough smoke flavor for most all baking.

The ingredients for the three pizzas were as follows...1-1/2 pounds of my homemade Italian sausage which was pre-cooked, one can of Spam (for the wife) which was also precooked enough to brown it up, onions, green bell peppers, roasted red sweet peppers, mushrooms, small sliced tomatoes, my homemade Italian sauce and some Hunkie pepper rings which were not in the picture. I also used a blend of cheeses.

Made that first pizza up on my peel and put it on the top hearth in the cooker. This was my pizza with the hot peppers and Italian sausage.

I then made up the pizza for the wife with no hot peppers and with the Spam as the meat and got it ready for the cooker.

I placed this pizza under the first pizza on my second hearth. I also turned the top pizza 180 degrees as the back of these cookers run a little warmer that the front of the cooker.

I pulled the first pizza after about 20 minutes and placed it into a pan for cutting and cooling.

I then prepped my pan pizza and got it ready for the cooker.

I pulled the top hearth stone out of the cooker and loaded the pan pizza on the top grid. At the same time I pulled the wife's Spam pizza off the cooker as it was done.

Her pizza came out looking good.

I was keeping the cooker around 400 degrees for the pizza and the pizza was taking about 20 minutes to bake.

The pan pizza was next off the cooker and it did come out as good as the hearth baked slabs so I think I will use them next year for our pizza parties.

This is a picture of all three pizzas and all of them worked out great.

Lunch was good!!


  1. Old Dave! You have inspired me over the years with your creative uses for the Backwoods Smokers. I have cooked a few pizzas on my Backwoods Extended Party over the years based on your method. Now we are going "whole hog" and having a " make your own" pizza party next weekend with a bunch of friends, with one couple who are bringing over their Chubby. Should be good times with 2 Backwoods cookers!


  2. Wade, sounds like a fun time....pizza is just great on the Backwoods cookers. Good luck with your event.