Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hawg Wings / Wild Wings

This is a great appetizer or can be a full meal with side or two and maybe a dessert.

The brand is KC Wild Wings and the product is made by Farmland and comes either cooked or un-cooked. They call them pork shanks and I believe it to be meat from the loin as there is very little fat on them.

In my area, Gordon Food Service stocks the cooked Wild Wings and they come 24 pcs per box. They do not handle the un-cooked wings but another food service store in town does handle the un-cooked wings.

These vacuumed packed cooked wings come in two packages of 12 each in the box and each wings weighs about 1/4 pound each.

These wings cook up great on any type of cooker or smoker and can be finished with a good bbq glaze or handled just like chicken wings with a good sauce of your choosing. I love them fixed with the buffalo type of hot sauce.

I smoked up 3 boxes of these cooked Hawg Wings last year for a contest pitch-in dinner and used a sweet bbq finishing sauce like you see in the picture and these things went very quickly. Many great comments about this treat anytime I serve them.


  1. Hello I know this post is old. But you smoked a fully cook Hawg Wing?
    Did they get any smoke flavor??

  2. They sure would any product I place on the smoker. My cookers don't know if a product is pre-smoked or pre-cooked before it goes on the smoker.
    Thanks for asking..